About Romney


Hey peeps it’s me, Mitt Romney will an important announcement

I am one sexy beast!!

Who am I kidding, you already knew that.

I mean just look at me and my beautiful hair, immaculate!

Well I finally came to the conclusion that despite how awesome I know I am, I will never be president and it’s time to focus on what’s really important to me.

Bringing you some kick ass reviews of my favorite products aka products that make me bank bro.

Yes, I make over $2,500 while I am dropping off a duece but I pay more for my hair cuts than that so I gotta keep my hustle hard to keep them stacks coming in.

Anyways, check out my reviews, if you like the products, click them links and buy buy buy so I can get paid.

You can also buy the products I recommend just because you feel sorry for my broke ass and want to help keep me off da streets.

If I raise enough money from this blog to pay off the debt I still have from my run at presidency, I will show my appreciation by posting various shirtless selfies for you all to enjoy.


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