[Answer] Is Rainmeter Safe to Use


Almost everyone today uses a computer. Usually, people use computers to perform various tasks like typing, browsing, and others. Users also want to look attractive and varied computer desktops. Therefore, many applications in computers can provide such facilities, such as rainmeter application. What is a rainmeter application, and is rainmeter safe to use? Here’s the explanation.

Is Rainmeter Safe to Use

What Is The Rainmeter Application

Before knowing is rainmeter safe to use, it’s excellent to know more about this application. Rainmeter is an application that serves to monitor the system in Windows on the desktop. For example, like in the Task manager, memory usage, CPU load, disk space, and cross-network. This application is also equipped with a variety of cool skins and the memory capacity used is only a little. Therefore, this application is quite light to use. Other uses of the rainmeter include;

  • Providing Information About PCs Quickly

The Rainmeter application can provide the information needed at a glance. This application allows users to get info like time, memory and battery life, online data streams, even weather forecasts. This information display will also follow the skin from the rainmeter which performs the desktop look increasingly attractive.

  • Making The Desktop Look More Attractive

The rainmeter application can make the desktop display more varied. Users can download various skins to transform the appearance of the desktop. Most skins carry out interesting functions like recording notes and to-do lists, running favorite applications, even sending tweets to Twitter. This application works without not interfering with other applications. Users can also adjust and adjust the skin as desired.

  • Make it Easy for Users to Know the Condition Of PC

The desktop display after using the rain meter will display all information including PC conditions. Users can more clearly find out the capacity of the remaining hard drive. In addition, users can equally find out the CPU and RAM usage only from the desktop screen. Therefore, this application makes it easy for users to immediately anticipate problems related to that information. For example, if the memory from the hard drive is full, the user can find out from the desktop screen and anticipate it.

Installing Rainmeter

Installing Rainmeter

This rainmeter application is relatively easy to get. Users can download the Rainmeter application on the official site: Adjust the version of the meter with the OS of the laptop or PC used. For Windows 7, you can download versions 3.1 to 3.3. for Windows 8 or 10 users, you can use the latest version up to 4.2. If you want to download the skin, many sites provide free and good skins. Usually, artist Rainmeter uploads his work at DevianArt. Just select the skin that satisfies your taste.

Is Rainmeter Safe to Install?

The rainmeter application is fairly safe to use on a computer. Rainmeter is proven to be free of harmful viruses from the test results with 50 antivirus software. Rainmeter also uses only a small amount of memory capacity (only 1.66 KB for version 3.3). This rainmeter application also only uses around 2-4% of the CPU. Therefore, this quite light application does not make the laptop heavy. If the user downloads too many skins, it could be the performance of the application will be heavy. To anticipate this, users can choose the “unload skin” option before using a new skin.

That is the discussion of what is rainmeter and is rainmeter safe to install. Because this application is quite safe to use, users don’t need worrying about using this application. Good luck