Apple XS iPhone With Great Specifications

Apple finally re-launched the latest iPhone series officially at the Steve-Jobs Theater, in the United States. The launch of the three new iPhone products was immediately introduced by Tim Cook,  Apple’s CEO. After earlier rumors blew hard, finally the specifications and prices of Apple’s mobile phone series were opened to the public. Apple finally launched the iPhone XS which has great specifications. This time we will discuss in more detail about this iPhone XS.

Design And Screen

First, we talk about this smartphone iPhone XS from brand Apple design, Apple seems to be leaving the era of screen design with buttons. Just like the previous iPhone design, the iPhone 8 and also iPhone X, this XS iPhone design also relies on the bezel-less screen. Of course, the presence of a full screen like this makes the iPhone XS look more elegant and simple. Even though there are no striking design differences from the design side, iPhone enthusiasts are quite satisfied with the look of the current XS iPhone. There is one part that was removed on the iPhone XS like the previous iPhone. This iPhone XS is not equipped with a jack or 3.5 mm port for earphones.

About the screen, this smartphone iPhone XS from brand Apple does have its own special. Likewise, the screen on the XS iPhone is equipped with an OLED screen 5.8inch. The iPhone XS’s screen has a deeper color and detail. Apple has also increased 60% dynamic range. With that range, can makes you satisfied while watching HDR 10 videos/ movies and Dolby Vision Movies. This smartphone iPhone XS from brand Apple screen can make the experience of watching videos or movies more enjoyable. Because the screen can automatically adjust the elements of light and dark better.

The Camera of iPhone XS

This time Apple also immersed dual cameras on the latest smartphone. Dual cameras with 12 sensors will certainly make it easier to capture important moments. Equipped with a f/2.4 telephoto lens and a wide f/1.8 lens, the results from the photos from the smartphone iPhone XS from brand Apple not to be doubted. While the front camera is embedded with a 7MP sensor which of course gives its own satisfaction for people who love a selfie.

One of the highlights of this XS iPhone camera is its bokeh features and depth control. Both of these features allow you to more easily adjust the blur effect on photos. It is also quite interesting is this smartphone iPhone XS from brand Apple camera is perfect for those of you who like to take portrait photos. Because this camera intelligently adjusts image sharpness automatically.

Don’t worry about photo objects that are too dark, the camera of this smartphone iPhone XS from brand Apple has been upgraded. So even you taking pictures in a room with minimal light, the photos will look even more artistic. A smartphone’s battery is one of the important points that you can’t just skip. Unfortunately, the iPhone XS has not officially announced how much battery capacity. When viewed from its iPhone X predecessor which has a 2.700 mAh battery, chances are this smartphone iPhone XS from brand Apple will have almost the same capacity. In its launch, Apple claims the iPhone XS battery has better resilience than the iPhone X.

More specifically, the XS iPhone is claimed to be 30 minutes longer than its iPhone predecessor. Unfortunately, the XS iPhone is not equipped with fast charging features like Samsung’s smartphone. How about those iPhone XS great specifications above, of course, it will make you more interested to buy this smartphone iPhone XS from brand Apple.