5 Best Apps for Saving Money for Android

Saving money is an activity that must be done for all people who have money. The saving money used as an emergency fund, sinking fund, and investment. So, there are 5 best apps for saving money that can help you to reduce unimportant expenses, they are:

1. You Need A Budget

You Need A Budget

The first application to help you in saving money is You Need A Budget. As the name of this app, it helps you to manage your budget and expenses. So, it will bring more lessons to the user about the value of money.

You Need A Budget app contains information about handling unimportant expenses, unexpected costs, and saving more money. Thus, this application assists the users to be wiser to use their money. Then, it gives a new treatment for the users to live at average cost rather than using a credit card to fulfill their daily needs.

This You Need A Budget application is available for mobile phones and software for the computer. Then, it can be used in your daily life with your gadget.

2. Mint


The second application is called Mint. Mint is an application that helps to manage the loan bills. So, the users who have bills will get a reminder to avoid late payment and penalties.

Besides managing the loan budget, this application helps the user to maximize the left budget for daily life and investment. So, the application will recommend what is needed right now. Is it a sinking fund, emergency fund, retirement, or other platforms for investment?

Then, Mint application gives the user a credit score to inform about the financial habits in saving and lending activity. After that, based on the credit score, you will get offers from some financial institutions with a competitive interest rate.

3. Qapital


The third best apps for saving money is Qapital. Qapital is an application that helps the users to set the goal of saving money. So, this app will remind you about what you sacrifice to achieve your goal. For example, you spend your money to buy a new car, then this app will give you an option on how to collect your money until you can buy a new car.

Also, Qapital app assists you to set the plan about investment and funding.  Then, it is connected to your FDIC insured bank account so the users can persist with spending and saving money habits.

4. Acorns


The next app is Acorns. Acorns is an application that helps the users to save money in the form of investing in the Acorns investing platform. Acorns investment is exchange-traded funds using stocks and bonds. So, your deposit bank account will link to this application. Then, the Acorns will track your expenses using the card linked. After that, some number of your money will be invested in the Acorns platform.

As a result of an investment. The users will earn the return from Acorns investment in their Acorns account balance. It will give special offers for some company partners such as Airbnb and Blue Apron.

5. Digit


The last is Digit. Digit is a simple saving money app that helps you to save your money based on your current income and expenses. It will count the proportional number of investments that you can do.

This app will connect to your FDIC insured bank account. So, it can track your financial habit. So, it will get the most logical and realistic number of saving money that you can do.

Finally, these 5 best apps for saving money are really good for entrepreneurs and individuals. So, let’s try to use these apps and download them on drivers and software!