Top 5 Best Apps to Chat with Strangers

Are you bored with your circle of friends and want to find new friends? You can find friends easily with just a chat application that you can access through your smartphone. Therefore, you can start to find out about the best apps to chat with strangers to find your true friend.

You do not need to worry about the security of your personal information because this application has guaranteed security features. In fact, some applications only allow strangers to chat with you after you approve it. So, let’s jump into the 5 best apps to chat with strangers, which you can download easily:

1. MeetMe


This is one of the best apps to chat with strangers because this application has been downloaded by more than one hundred million people worldwide. Through this application, you cannot only chat with strangers but you can also connect with other people who are in your area. Then, through this application, you can also arrange to have a physical meeting with them.

Moreover, this application has a variety of interesting features; such as you can find out how many people are reviewing your profile. In addition, you can also know the list of your secret admirers. To keep you feeling safe using this application, you can filter gender, location, sexual orientation, and location.

2. Qeep


This application allows you to filter people based on your interests. So, it will be easier to chat with strangers who have the same interests if you activate the filter feature. This application also allows you to share photos and videos with your stranger’s friends.

However, you cannot show topless or nude photos on your profile photo because the site prohibits it. So, this application is an amazing application so you can easily find people to chat with.



If you want an application that allows you to get friends to chat in seconds, you can use this application. There is a chat feature that is useful for those of you who want to start chatting with strangers. Or, you can also use random video chat through this application.

No need to worry if you use this application because everyone will be 100% real. This is because this application will check all new registrants before allowing them to log in to access HOLLA.

4. Badoo


Almost the same as other chat applications, this application will match you with strangers based on your interests. However, you don’t need to worry because this application only allows strangers to chat with you after you approve it. So, this application will make it easier for you to find a true friend.

You can also more easily find potential friends who are close to your area by swiping right or left. That’s why this is one of the best apps to chat with strangers because it has smart and unlimited features.

5. Chatous


This application makes it easy for you to find strangers who want to chat with you with the same interests. You can create and also choose hashtags to reflect the interests you have. In fact, through the hashtags, you can also chat with strangers according to topics that interest you.

One other great feature is that you can synchronize your chats with the application and its web portal. You can also get all activities and run all of its features on the web platform. There are privacy settings that make it easy for you to change your name, profile photo, and other things that are useful for securing your personal information.

Those are 5 best apps to chat with strangers that you can try to download. All of these applications have unique and interesting features that you can enjoy easily. In addition, all these applications can also help you more easily to get someone to accompany you to chat throughout the day.

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How To Open WhatsApp on PC with Bluestacks

WhatsApp on PC with Bluestacks

With Bluestacks, people would be able to use more than 20.000 Android apps whether on PC and laptop. Starting from playing the Android games, editing pictures or videos, opening files, and even texts and calls. One of the applications that people could use is WhatsApp. Even though people would download the PC version or use it directly on the WhatsApp web, it would still be different. The steps on how to open WhatsApp in Bluestacks is also not difficult at all.

Using WhatsApp on the specific app for PC or on the web is definitely different. There are some features that people would not be able to use like on the smartphone. That is why it is better to use open the app on Bluestack when using the computer or laptop. Do not get confused about opening and using the app. Here are the steps on how to open WhatsApp in Bluestacks.

How To Open WhatsApp on PC with Bluestacks

1. Download Bluestacks on the Device

Download Bluestacks

The first step is to download the Bluestacks app on the laptop or computer. Moreover, make sure the computer’s device is capable enough to download the app. People could get the app by downloading it directly from the official website. After downloading it, make sure also to follow the right steps on installing the app. On the installation process, the app would ask for some accesses. Do not forget to check on the access to continue the installation process.

2. Open Bluestacks and Log in on the Google Account

After the Bluestacks app is already installed on the computer or laptop, open the app. When people can’t find the app on the desktop, they should then search it on the manual file. Or simply find it by typing it in the searching box. After opening the file, people would then need to login to their Google account. It is important because people would need to open the Google App Store through Bluestacks.

3. Search the WhatsApp app

After logging into the google account through Bluestacks, people then should download WhatsApp. There is a magnifying glass on the top left of the app, that is where to find the app. Type “WhatsApp” and then install the app. Remember to give the access during the installation otherwise, it would continue to the end.

4. Verify the Phone Number

The next step on how to open WhatsApp in Bluestacks is to fill and enter the verify phone number. Remember, never share the code with anyone including the staff from the app itself. If entering the code could not enter the access, do not worry. Another way is to call the phone. People just need to click the “Call Your Phone” on the app.

5. Enjoy the App!

The last thing on how to open WhatsApp in Bluestacks is to use the app just like on the smartphone. With opening and using the app through Bluestacks, people could access the app without limit. People could get through the app on keyboard, mouse, and monitor.

The steps on how to open WhatsApp in Bluestacks is easy and fast. Besides WhatsApp, people could also download other social media and chatting apps as well. Moreover, the apps would look just like the ones on the smartphone. Therefore, you can conclude that the frequently asked question is Bluestacks safe has a yes for the answer.

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Impeccable Instagram Captions For Travel Influencers

Instagram Captions For Travel Influencers

Becoming travel influencer is perfect for you who love to explore new places you never step on before. And add more spice into your traveling post, you should write meaningful Instagram captions as the companion. The reason is that although words couldn’t always describe the beauty of places you come to, it’s always better to put something in your caption section even if just a single emoji.

Instagram Captions For Travel Influencers

For that, here below some pointers to create the impeccable captions for your traveling post:

  • Telling Story

The first type of captions often used and would never get old is telling stories. You can tell the story about your life, that particular journey, or the behind the scene in producing what you posted. That way, people who read your caption could get emotionally attached to you. Although not everyone is going to leave a response through a comment or like, if they like what they read then they will keep coming back to your account.

  • Folk Lore

The uniqueness in traveling is that you can learn about the local lore from the local. To make more impact, you can tell the lore in your caption section. Open a discussion through your comment section by asking people about what you told them. There are many people who love to learn about folklore from different places but have no mean to do. And since you have that luxury, don’t hesitate to share them.

  • Local Tradition

Local Tradition

Aside from learning about the lore, you will also get to know about the local tradition in your journey. With that, you can pass the information in your caption section. Don’t forget to put your mind in the matter. With this could differ your traveling account with the others, that you’re not only put panoramic pictures but also telling the local tradition. This way, others could get secondhand experience from your travel.

  • Detail Location

Do not ever forget to put the location about the post. That way, people who lurk your Instagram account to look for places to visit would know where they were. You can also mention the places such as hotel, resort, or restaurant if they have an Instagram account. And better yet, if you could get your hand at the exact address of the location you posted. Thus, you could be a reliable travel influencer where people would come for information.

  • Never Belittle the Local Culture

Particularly, a travel influencer is a traveler, that’s a person who travels from place to place. One basic rule when taking a trip is following the regulation where the pair of feet stand. So, never put a caption that would belittle the local culture and tradition. If you come to a temple and the manager of the place gives you some cover, then cover yourself. It’s you who don’t dress appropriately, and you have no right to be nasty and put a negative comment in your caption.

Besides seeking for the best scenery, the beauty of traveling is about learning new things in the new places. And you could convey what you learned in your Instagram captions along with your travel journey. That way, people who read your caption know what to expect if they come to exact places.

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Problem Solving of Printer Driver is Unavailable

Update Printer Driver

One of the most problematic issues that you may face when operating your printer is that the machine does not work at all. In this case, there can be various reasons why the problem happens. For sure, you need to diagnose what is happening in order to formulate the right problem solving needed.

One of the possible causes why such problem happens is that because the printer driver is unavailable. You can check this out through device manager, especially if you are using Windows PC. Fortunately, you can fix the problem of the unavailable driver by performing some steps which are being discussed here.

What Causes Printer Driver is Unavailable?

Printer driver is unavailable problem is commonly caused by two possible reasons. The first, it is caused by the incorrect installation of the printer driver in your PC. The second reason is that of the outdated printer driver. As stated previously, the solution is there to help you get back your printer.

Reinstalling the Printer Driver

Well, when you deal with this specific issue, the best option you have to make your printer run again is by reinstalling the driver. If you use a Windows PC, in this case, Windows 10, you will need to go to the ‘Run’ box. In this case, you need to press the Windows logo and R simultaneously. Next, you can type a command in the box. Please type devmgmt.msc. You can continue by clicking OK. On the ‘Print queues’, locate the cursor on the printer driver you have and right-click on it. Select ‘Uninstall device’ and confirm the process.

You have finished uninstalling the driver that you have installed previously. Next step is reinstalling the correct printer driver software as the solution for the problem of the printer driver is unavailable. What you need to do to deal with this process is that you may need to search for the right printer driver or the latest update available. In this case, you will need to download the driver software and install it manually later.  We recommend you to go to the official website of your printer manufacturer just to make sure that you find the right file and, more importantly, the safe one. Or, you may also find the downloadable file in other websites especially when it is difficult for you to download it from the official source. However, we need to remind you that you should be careful when you want to download from other websites. You have to make sure that the file you download is the safe one.


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Galaxy Tab-S4 With High Quality Specifications

Finally, Samsung’s latest flagship tablet device is officially introduced. The Samsung Galaxy Tab-S4 comes with a 10.5 screen size like a laptop and is bundled with an S Pen and also a keyboard book cover offering that is sold separately. The tablet is also the first to support dual monitors using Samsung DeX, which means users can add an external monitor via an HDMI cable to get a larger screen with the tablet screen still on.

Brilliant Display Screen

This gadget’s screen is relieved with a brilliant display. Screen specifications of Galaxy Tab-S4 10.5 have a 10.5-inch span with a 16:10 aspect ratio. As usual, Samsung relies on Super AMOLED panels with a resolution of 2560 x 1600px. This Galaxy Tab-S4 is only slightly larger than the Tab S3 dimension but has a 33% bigger screen. Because there’s no fingerprint sensor on this Tab-S4 and replaces it with Face Unlock and also makes the bezel as thin as possible. The Back, Home, and also Recent buttons have switched to the screen replacing the standard capacitive buttons. There is no more physical Home button and also fingerprint scanner as mentioned before. This Galaxy Tab-S4 also has luxury body appearance. This Galaxy Tab-S4 provide a premium design with a very thin bezel, a slim body weighing 482 grams (for Wifi models) and dimensions of 249.3×164.3×7.1mm. This tablet also offers a Keyboard Cover-Book which in addition as a protector also allows users who often use it to type.

The outside of Book Cover has a texture that feels between fabric and rubber so it doesn’t feel slippery. While the inner surface has a soft finish that will keep the tablet glass from being scratched. This Book Cover also has a magnet that will lock when closed, while other magnets hold the keyboard closed so it won’t open when the user picks it up. This cover is slightly wider than the size of the tablet so that it gives enough space to place the thumb there and push the lid open.

Samsung complements the Galaxy Tab-S4 10.5 with four speakers, two on each side pointing out. The four speakers use the AKG system so the output is very clear and deep. The speaker also supports Dolby Atmos to play content from Youtube, Facebook or from Netflix.

Dock Dex Mode

Next, we provide you info about Dock DeX, Galaxy Tab-S4 is a 2 in 1 tablet between tablet mode and PC mode. When the keyboard is installed, the tablet automatically switches to PC mode. Galaxy Tab-S4 10.5 can operate as an ordinary Android tablet, but when connected to a DeX-dock or Book-Cover keyboard, then it will open DeX mode immediately.

At that time the stylus pen features can be used optimally. The user can connect to the DeX desktop settings with the monitor, keyboard, and mouse installed. Thanks to the dual monitor feature the user can display certain applications on the tablet screen. That feature such as chat windows or applications that function better with other touches on the monitor such as productivity applications that require a large display. In DeX mode, users can use tablets and stylus as a means of making digital sketches. Or, the tablet’s touch screen can function as a large trackpad.

Samsung Galaxy Tab-S4 is equipped with the latest innards specifications which are also used in the flagship Galaxy S9 and S9 +. This Galaxy Tab-S4 use Android 8.1 which supported by a Qualcomm Snapdragon-835 chipset, with 4 GB RAM and 64 GB or 25 GB of internal storage, which can be expanded through the microSD card. Although the chipset specifications and memory are somewhat inferior to the innards of Apple iPad Pro, the performance is more than satisfying.

Iris Scanner Replaces Fingerprint

The Tab-S4 is the first tablet to come with the Iris scanner, which replaces the fingerprint reader on its S3 Tab predecessor. This eye scanner is positioned near the selfie camera, which means it is on the left side when the user holds the tablet in landscape orientation. Therefore it is recommended to use this iris sensor with the screen in portrait position. Because if in a landscape position the risk of the sensor will be covered by the palm.

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Apple XS iPhone With Great Specifications

Apple finally re-launched the latest iPhone series officially at the Steve-Jobs Theater, in the United States. The launch of the three new iPhone products was immediately introduced by Tim Cook,  Apple’s CEO. After earlier rumors blew hard, finally the specifications and prices of Apple’s mobile phone series were opened to the public. Apple finally launched the iPhone XS which has great specifications. This time we will discuss in more detail about this iPhone XS.

Design And Screen

First, we talk about this smartphone iPhone XS from brand Apple design, Apple seems to be leaving the era of screen design with buttons. Just like the previous iPhone design, the iPhone 8 and also iPhone X, this XS iPhone design also relies on the bezel-less screen. Of course, the presence of a full screen like this makes the iPhone XS look more elegant and simple. Even though there are no striking design differences from the design side, iPhone enthusiasts are quite satisfied with the look of the current XS iPhone. There is one part that was removed on the iPhone XS like the previous iPhone. This iPhone XS is not equipped with a jack or 3.5 mm port for earphones.

About the screen, this smartphone iPhone XS from brand Apple does have its own special. Likewise, the screen on the XS iPhone is equipped with an OLED screen 5.8inch. The iPhone XS’s screen has a deeper color and detail. Apple has also increased 60% dynamic range. With that range, can makes you satisfied while watching HDR 10 videos/ movies and Dolby Vision Movies. This smartphone iPhone XS from brand Apple screen can make the experience of watching videos or movies more enjoyable. Because the screen can automatically adjust the elements of light and dark better.

The Camera of iPhone XS

This time Apple also immersed dual cameras on the latest smartphone. Dual cameras with 12 sensors will certainly make it easier to capture important moments. Equipped with a f/2.4 telephoto lens and a wide f/1.8 lens, the results from the photos from the smartphone iPhone XS from brand Apple not to be doubted. While the front camera is embedded with a 7MP sensor which of course gives its own satisfaction for people who love a selfie.

One of the highlights of this XS iPhone camera is its bokeh features and depth control. Both of these features allow you to more easily adjust the blur effect on photos. It is also quite interesting is this smartphone iPhone XS from brand Apple camera is perfect for those of you who like to take portrait photos. Because this camera intelligently adjusts image sharpness automatically.

Don’t worry about photo objects that are too dark, the camera of this smartphone iPhone XS from brand Apple has been upgraded. So even you taking pictures in a room with minimal light, the photos will look even more artistic. A smartphone’s battery is one of the important points that you can’t just skip. Unfortunately, the iPhone XS has not officially announced how much battery capacity. When viewed from its iPhone X predecessor which has a 2.700 mAh battery, chances are this smartphone iPhone XS from brand Apple will have almost the same capacity. In its launch, Apple claims the iPhone XS battery has better resilience than the iPhone X.

More specifically, the XS iPhone is claimed to be 30 minutes longer than its iPhone predecessor. Unfortunately, the XS iPhone is not equipped with fast charging features like Samsung’s smartphone. How about those iPhone XS great specifications above, of course, it will make you more interested to buy this smartphone iPhone XS from brand Apple.

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Recommended Video Editing Application

Confused to find FileHippo video editing software that has great quality? So many free video editing software offered on the internet and also paid software. Those paid video editing software starting from cheap to expensive, sometimes that thing makes you more confused. You can choose these recommended video editing software bellow which guaranteed make you satisfied.

Best Video Software Choices For You

  1. VSDC ( support Windows )

VSDC has been around for 6 years and is recognized as deserving of its reputation as a video maker all-in-one software because of its outstanding features. The main advantage is full format compatibility and does not limit export options, unlike other editing software. So VSDC can read all video formats and allows you to save to any format. You can even export the project in the H.265 codec format for better compression quality. Although the website design is old school, VSDC updates how come with the latest video editing trends. Among his features, you will also find lots of visual effects, Chroma keys, masking tools, and also blending modes. As YouTubers, you will also be satisfied using built-in screen capture and lots of ways to use text and subtitles.

– Export options: AVI, VCD / SVCD, DVD, MPEG, M4V, MP4, MOV, WMV, MKV, 3GP / 3G2, RM / RMVB, FLV, AMV, SWF, and MTV.

– Advantages: VSDC has many good features and supports the full format. The free version also has no restrictions.

– Disadvantages: software interface is lacking for people who move from linear programs like Movie Maker. It will take time and effort before you can use this video editing.

  1. Lightworks ( support Windows, Linux, and Mac )

Lightworks has been on the market for more than 20 years. Not only that, this FileHippo software is multiplatform free video maker software which is available for the three largest operating systems ( Linux, Mac, and Windows ). This program is able for all formats including ProRes, AVC-Intra, Avid DNxHD, RED R3D, DVCPRO HD, AVCHD, HD 422 and also DPX. For the free version, Lightworks lets you play with text/ title, editing with the help of multicam and applying more than 100 built-in presets to make your videos even smaller. But the advantage is not because it provides wow visual effects, but because of the superior trimming features that are simple, precise and fast. No wonder Lightworks has finally become a Hollywood movie production house which has been proven award-winning.

Export options: Youtube, Lightworks archives, and Vimeo

Advantages: clean interface, super precision trimming

Disadvantages: export options in the free version are limited to Vimeo and 720p YouTube. That means you can only upload it directly to the two platforms by connecting the account.

Other Recommended Video Softwares

  1. DaVinci Resolve ( support Windows and Mac )

For color correction and grading matters, DaVinci Resolve is the best. This is the most suitable FileHippo video editing software for you who wants to become a master in the field of image quality. DaVinci Resolve allows for simultaneous video editing processes. Those processes such as trimming, applying transition effects or editing audio waveforms. Not only that, with the support of OpenFX plugins, you also can set up video filters according to your taste. Users like this software so much because of its collection of beautiful color palettes and automatic Shot Match tools. The difference in the free and paid versions is also not many. The paid one targets a professional filmmaker, adding noise reduction and stereoscopic 3D editing features. However, DaVinci Resolve is actually considered in vain if it is only used for simple, simple editing. So make sure you really need this software.

Export options: AVI, MP4, QuickTime, APNG, and MOV

Advantages: provide lots of color correction

Disadvantages: requires a high system, at least 4G RAM for graphics. Besides that, there will also be problems to import several file types. The format recommended for Da Vinci is ProRes, so it must be converted first before starting editing.

  1. HitFilm Express ( support Windows and Mac )

HitFilm was actually targeted as a video editor for indie filmmakers but eventually, it was popular among YouTubers. Because this program is suitable for creating as wide as possible. HitFilm focuses on visual effects with collections ranging from shakes, rain, blood, blasts, and fire. But what’s unique about HitFilm is that it makes 2D and 3D quality equal to Adobe After Effects. This FileHippo Software HitFilm Express also has standard titling tools, features of Chroma key, color grading, and also audio editing. The results are compatible with MOV, Quicktime, MP4, MPEG-1, HDV, MXF, DV and also WMV format.

Export options: AVI, MP4, QuickTime and direct upload to YouTube

Advantages: HitFilm Express has basic features for video editing and does not require a high system.

Disadvantages: Some important features are only available by paid or subscribing, so the free version is not very reliable.

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Recommended Bluetooth Speakers You Must Get

Having a quality speaker is certainly important because it can make the music we listen to more comfortable in the ear. But quality is sometimes not enough. Therefore, below are 7 bluetooth speakers with good quality technology and affordable prices that you can make a choice. The first bluetooth speaker is W-King S7 that can be brought to the beach or pool.

Choose These Recommended Bluetooth Speakers Option

  1. Speakers W-King S7 with IPX6 waterproof specifications

Not only play favorite music in your bedroom. You can also play music when you take a shower in the bathroom, swimming in the pool, even on the beach. With a battery capacity of 1500 mAh, this speaker can last up to 10 hours without needing to recharge. Equipped with the NFC feature on this speaker makes it more practical to carry anywhere, and connect with your favorite gadgets. If you get bored with the playlist you have, don’t hesitate to listen to your favorite radio, because this speaker has FM radio features. Sound quality is also not to be doubted because of the Subwoofer and Drive 3W Audio on this speaker. Available color options are gray, blue and also black.

  1. DBE PS99, Bluetooth speakers with loud sounds are suitable for parties.

The shape of the tube presented in this speaker’s design makes it easy to hold. The easy operation can also be seen from the buttons which are made simple. This speaker has a clock, alarm, even FM radio feature in it. Because this portable speaker is able to provide loud and powerful sound, it is suitable for playing party-nuanced music. And with the right position, it is also able to deliver a full and round bass sound, clear midrange, and treble. MicroSD slot is also available in it, making it easier for you to be able to play music directly from the memory card.

  1. Jabra Soulmate-Mini

The third bluetooth speakers product is Jabra Solemate-Mini which is Bluetooth speaker which is compatible for laptops with good sound quality. Comes with colorful colors that make this speaker captivating enough to see it. This speaker is a mini variant of Jabra Solemate with smaller dimensions, which are around, 125 mm long, 55 mm wide, 60 mm high, and weighs 295 grams. The body is wrapped in rubber, making it safer, because it has the ability to withstand impact, scratches, and splashes of water.

For sound quality, Jabra Solemate-Mini speakers certainly do not need to doubt. Using Digital Signal Process or DSP technology on the front speakers can optimize the sound and music produced. HiFi voice frequency is complemented, because it will produce a realistic sound, such as when playing music, videos, or when playing games. These speakers can also rely on NFC connections, making it easier to connect to various devices, such as smartphones, tablets, PCs or laptops.

  1. S6000 Wireless-HP

The next bluetooth speaker is S6000 Wireless-HP which is small and light. If you’re looking for a small and lightweight speaker, the HP Wireless type S6000 is the answer. Because with a weight of only 80 grams, and dimensions with a height of about 68 mm, make this speaker fit in one hand or fist. With a battery that can last up to 8 hours, you don’t need to recharge too often. Although the speaker is claimed to be able to play music up to 9.1 meters, the sound produced is of sufficient quality. This tiny speaker will also not disappoint if used for watching movies. That special quality because with its connectivity using Bluetooth can be connected to your tablet or your favorite PC.

Bluetooth Speaker From Xiaomi

  1. Xiaomi MiFa-F10

The fourth bluetooth speaker product is Xiaomi MiFa-F10 which is suitable for traveling. This tiny speaker weighing only about 160 grams is perfect for traveling. Simply hang it on your favorite bag with a hook, you can listen to music with good quality. For outdoor activities, these speakers are quite resilient with IP-X6 waterproof and IP-X5 dustproof. So you can still carry them including climbing mountains or just taking a bath on the river bank. The button on the speaker is also quite simple so that even with your eyes closed, it’s not too difficult in the settings. The 5 colors that are available as choices are red, black, green, blue and also gold.

  1. Xiaomi Square-Cube

The last speaker is Xiaomi Square-Cube which is stylish design bluetooth speakers at affordable prices. The display with a combination of minimalist and retro design makes this speaker look elegant. Made from aluminum chassy on the grill and hexagonal abs plastic on the front and back makes it more stylish. At the bottom, there are two rubber pads that can help prevent vibration from the speaker. Even though it weighs around 400 grams, this speaker is still very comfortable in your hand. For sound quality is quite good, because it can produce up to 90 decibels.

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Recommended Printers for Home and Office

If in the past the function of the printer was only as a tool for printing documents, now its function became more diverse. With a printer, you can print documents, scan text and images, even replace the photocopy machine function to copy documents. All these functions can be done with only one printer machine or example like you want to hear music you can buy the best bluetooth speaker for you.  For those of you who are more confused about looking for a good printer, here are some recommendations:

Best Epson And HP Printer

  1. Epson L385, multifunction printer, and scanner with wifi

If you need a multifunction printer that can print, copy, and scan documents, Epson L385 is the right answer. This printer provides very stunning features, not only can you print, copy documents, and scan. This printer is also equipped with Wifi technology that makes it easy for you to print documents. You’re no longer need to doubt the printed documents and photos from this printer. As one of the major printer manufacturers, Epson certainly provides the best in the printed output. For printing speed, it also reaches 13 ipm for black and white and 15 ipm for color.

Those qualities making this L385 printer trusted for office needs or home print industry. For scanning documents, this printer can scan in 20 sheets with the support of letter and A4 paper sizes. As for photocopying, this printer has a speed of 7.7 ipm for black, and 3.3 ipm for color. With Sensor Contact Imagine technology, the scan results are getting sharper. The scan results have a resolution of 1.200×2.400 dpi, and for the scan area is 8.5×11.7 cm.

  1. DeskJet 1112 HP-Printer, small Deskjet printers that are cheap and best in class

This type of printer is suitable for the need to print documents every day. Besides being cheap, the performance did not disappoint. The design is minimalist, simple, and easy to be placed. This HP printer has the ability to print up to 20 sheets per minute for black and white documents and 16 pieces per minute for color documents. HP makes this printer’s energy efficient so that it gets EnergyStar certification. With that,  you can print more documents with more efficient power consumption compared to other similar brand printers.

This printer can be directly used only with a simple installation process. For compatibility, this printer can be used with a PC or laptop with Windows and Mac operating systems. For prints, you no longer need to doubt the ability of the HP Deskjet-1112 that uses HP-803 cartridge. This refill cartridge is great for printing documents and photos, very suitable for home, school, and office needs.

High Quality Printer From Fuji Xerox

  1. Fuji Xerox M115W, color jet laser printer with wireless

Fuji-Xerox released the newest generation of printers with the type M115W. This printer is a multifunction printer for printing, copying, and scanning documents as well as photos. Another advantage is also wireless or wifi technology that makes it easy for you to print documents from your PC and laptop without having to flash it. The print speed reaches 20 ppm mono with a print resolution of 1200dpi HQ.

This printer has technology Rubber Dual-Roller in the paper-feed section, which serves to prevent the occurrence of the Paper Jam effect. This Paper Jam is a state where the paper to be processed for printing actually gets stuck, making the device unable to continue printing. With this latest technology, every document you will print will be printed perfectly. You can also copy ID Cards in two front and back views in one media with ID-Card Copy feature. Then there is also the N in 1 copying feature that can print and copy data up to many pages on one paper. This multifunction printer can be used by all circles and is the right choice to meet your personal and business needs.

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