Galaxy Tab-S4 With High Quality Specifications

Finally, Samsung’s latest flagship tablet device is officially introduced. The Samsung Galaxy Tab-S4 comes with a 10.5 screen size like a laptop and is bundled with an S Pen and also a keyboard book cover offering that is sold separately. The tablet is also the first to support dual monitors using Samsung DeX, which means users can add an external monitor via an HDMI cable to get a larger screen with the tablet screen still on.

Brilliant Display Screen

This gadget’s screen is relieved with a brilliant display. Screen specifications of Galaxy Tab-S4 10.5 have a 10.5-inch span with a 16:10 aspect ratio. As usual, Samsung relies on Super AMOLED panels with a resolution of 2560 x 1600px. This Galaxy Tab-S4 is only slightly larger than the Tab S3 dimension but has a 33% bigger screen. Because there’s no fingerprint sensor on this Tab-S4 and replaces it with Face Unlock and also makes the bezel as thin as possible. The Back, Home, and also Recent buttons have switched to the screen replacing the standard capacitive buttons. There is no more physical Home button and also fingerprint scanner as mentioned before. This Galaxy Tab-S4 also has luxury body appearance. This Galaxy Tab-S4 provide a premium design with a very thin bezel, a slim body weighing 482 grams (for Wifi models) and dimensions of 249.3×164.3×7.1mm. This tablet also offers a Keyboard Cover-Book which in addition as a protector also allows users who often use it to type.

The outside of Book Cover has a texture that feels between fabric and rubber so it doesn’t feel slippery. While the inner surface has a soft finish that will keep the tablet glass from being scratched. This Book Cover also has a magnet that will lock when closed, while other magnets hold the keyboard closed so it won’t open when the user picks it up. This cover is slightly wider than the size of the tablet so that it gives enough space to place the thumb there and push the lid open.

Samsung complements the Galaxy Tab-S4 10.5 with four speakers, two on each side pointing out. The four speakers use the AKG system so the output is very clear and deep. The speaker also supports Dolby Atmos to play content from Youtube, Facebook or from Netflix.

Dock Dex Mode

Next, we provide you info about Dock DeX, Galaxy Tab-S4 is a 2 in 1 tablet between tablet mode and PC mode. When the keyboard is installed, the tablet automatically switches to PC mode. Galaxy Tab-S4 10.5 can operate as an ordinary Android tablet, but when connected to a DeX-dock or Book-Cover keyboard, then it will open DeX mode immediately.

At that time the stylus pen features can be used optimally. The user can connect to the DeX desktop settings with the monitor, keyboard, and mouse installed. Thanks to the dual monitor feature the user can display certain applications on the tablet screen. That feature such as chat windows or applications that function better with other touches on the monitor such as productivity applications that require a large display. In DeX mode, users can use tablets and stylus as a means of making digital sketches. Or, the tablet’s touch screen can function as a large trackpad.

Samsung Galaxy Tab-S4 is equipped with the latest innards specifications which are also used in the flagship Galaxy S9 and S9 +. This Galaxy Tab-S4 use Android 8.1 which supported by a Qualcomm Snapdragon-835 chipset, with 4 GB RAM and 64 GB or 25 GB of internal storage, which can be expanded through the microSD card. Although the chipset specifications and memory are somewhat inferior to the innards of Apple iPad Pro, the performance is more than satisfying.

Iris Scanner Replaces Fingerprint

The Tab-S4 is the first tablet to come with the Iris scanner, which replaces the fingerprint reader on its S3 Tab predecessor. This eye scanner is positioned near the selfie camera, which means it is on the left side when the user holds the tablet in landscape orientation. Therefore it is recommended to use this iris sensor with the screen in portrait position. Because if in a landscape position the risk of the sensor will be covered by the palm.