Recommended Bluetooth Speakers You Must Get

Having a quality speaker is certainly important because it can make the music we listen to more comfortable in the ear. But quality is sometimes not enough. Therefore, below are 7 bluetooth speakers with good quality technology and affordable prices that you can make a choice. The first bluetooth speaker is W-King S7 that can be brought to the beach or pool.

Choose These Recommended Bluetooth Speakers Option

  1. Speakers W-King S7 with IPX6 waterproof specifications

Not only play favorite music in your bedroom. You can also play music when you take a shower in the bathroom, swimming in the pool, even on the beach. With a battery capacity of 1500 mAh, this speaker can last up to 10 hours without needing to recharge. Equipped with the NFC feature on this speaker makes it more practical to carry anywhere, and connect with your favorite gadgets. If you get bored with the playlist you have, don’t hesitate to listen to your favorite radio, because this speaker has FM radio features. Sound quality is also not to be doubted because of the Subwoofer and Drive 3W Audio on this speaker. Available color options are gray, blue and also black.

  1. DBE PS99, Bluetooth speakers with loud sounds are suitable for parties.

The shape of the tube presented in this speaker’s design makes it easy to hold. The easy operation can also be seen from the buttons which are made simple. This speaker has a clock, alarm, even FM radio feature in it. Because this portable speaker is able to provide loud and powerful sound, it is suitable for playing party-nuanced music. And with the right position, it is also able to deliver a full and round bass sound, clear midrange, and treble. MicroSD slot is also available in it, making it easier for you to be able to play music directly from the memory card.

  1. Jabra Soulmate-Mini

The third bluetooth speakers product is Jabra Solemate-Mini which is Bluetooth speaker which is compatible for laptops with good sound quality. Comes with colorful colors that make this speaker captivating enough to see it. This speaker is a mini variant of Jabra Solemate with smaller dimensions, which are around, 125 mm long, 55 mm wide, 60 mm high, and weighs 295 grams. The body is wrapped in rubber, making it safer, because it has the ability to withstand impact, scratches, and splashes of water.

For sound quality, Jabra Solemate-Mini speakers certainly do not need to doubt. Using Digital Signal Process or DSP technology on the front speakers can optimize the sound and music produced. HiFi voice frequency is complemented, because it will produce a realistic sound, such as when playing music, videos, or when playing games. These speakers can also rely on NFC connections, making it easier to connect to various devices, such as smartphones, tablets, PCs or laptops.

  1. S6000 Wireless-HP

The next bluetooth speaker is S6000 Wireless-HP which is small and light. If you’re looking for a small and lightweight speaker, the HP Wireless type S6000 is the answer. Because with a weight of only 80 grams, and dimensions with a height of about 68 mm, make this speaker fit in one hand or fist. With a battery that can last up to 8 hours, you don’t need to recharge too often. Although the speaker is claimed to be able to play music up to 9.1 meters, the sound produced is of sufficient quality. This tiny speaker will also not disappoint if used for watching movies. That special quality because with its connectivity using Bluetooth can be connected to your tablet or your favorite PC.

Bluetooth Speaker From Xiaomi

  1. Xiaomi MiFa-F10

The fourth bluetooth speaker product is Xiaomi MiFa-F10 which is suitable for traveling. This tiny speaker weighing only about 160 grams is perfect for traveling. Simply hang it on your favorite bag with a hook, you can listen to music with good quality. For outdoor activities, these speakers are quite resilient with IP-X6 waterproof and IP-X5 dustproof. So you can still carry them including climbing mountains or just taking a bath on the river bank. The button on the speaker is also quite simple so that even with your eyes closed, it’s not too difficult in the settings. The 5 colors that are available as choices are red, black, green, blue and also gold.

  1. Xiaomi Square-Cube

The last speaker is Xiaomi Square-Cube which is stylish design bluetooth speakers at affordable prices. The display with a combination of minimalist and retro design makes this speaker look elegant. Made from aluminum chassy on the grill and hexagonal abs plastic on the front and back makes it more stylish. At the bottom, there are two rubber pads that can help prevent vibration from the speaker. Even though it weighs around 400 grams, this speaker is still very comfortable in your hand. For sound quality is quite good, because it can produce up to 90 decibels.