Recommended Video Editing Application

Confused to find FileHippo video editing software that has great quality? So many free video editing software offered on the internet and also paid software. Those paid video editing software starting from cheap to expensive, sometimes that thing makes you more confused. You can choose these recommended video editing software bellow which guaranteed make you satisfied.

Best Video Software Choices For You

  1. VSDC ( support Windows )

VSDC has been around for 6 years and is recognized as deserving of its reputation as a video maker all-in-one software because of its outstanding features. The main advantage is full format compatibility and does not limit export options, unlike other editing software. So VSDC can read all video formats and allows you to save to any format. You can even export the project in the H.265 codec format for better compression quality. Although the website design is old school, VSDC updates how come with the latest video editing trends. Among his features, you will also find lots of visual effects, Chroma keys, masking tools, and also blending modes. As YouTubers, you will also be satisfied using built-in screen capture and lots of ways to use text and subtitles.

– Export options: AVI, VCD / SVCD, DVD, MPEG, M4V, MP4, MOV, WMV, MKV, 3GP / 3G2, RM / RMVB, FLV, AMV, SWF, and MTV.

– Advantages: VSDC has many good features and supports the full format. The free version also has no restrictions.

– Disadvantages: software interface is lacking for people who move from linear programs like Movie Maker. It will take time and effort before you can use this video editing.

  1. Lightworks ( support Windows, Linux, and Mac )

Lightworks has been on the market for more than 20 years. Not only that, this FileHippo software is multiplatform free video maker software which is available for the three largest operating systems ( Linux, Mac, and Windows ). This program is able for all formats including ProRes, AVC-Intra, Avid DNxHD, RED R3D, DVCPRO HD, AVCHD, HD 422 and also DPX. For the free version, Lightworks lets you play with text/ title, editing with the help of multicam and applying more than 100 built-in presets to make your videos even smaller. But the advantage is not because it provides wow visual effects, but because of the superior trimming features that are simple, precise and fast. No wonder Lightworks has finally become a Hollywood movie production house which has been proven award-winning.

Export options: Youtube, Lightworks archives, and Vimeo

Advantages: clean interface, super precision trimming

Disadvantages: export options in the free version are limited to Vimeo and 720p YouTube. That means you can only upload it directly to the two platforms by connecting the account.

Other Recommended Video Softwares

  1. DaVinci Resolve ( support Windows and Mac )

For color correction and grading matters, DaVinci Resolve is the best. This is the most suitable FileHippo video editing software for you who wants to become a master in the field of image quality. DaVinci Resolve allows for simultaneous video editing processes. Those processes such as trimming, applying transition effects or editing audio waveforms. Not only that, with the support of OpenFX plugins, you also can set up video filters according to your taste. Users like this software so much because of its collection of beautiful color palettes and automatic Shot Match tools. The difference in the free and paid versions is also not many. The paid one targets a professional filmmaker, adding noise reduction and stereoscopic 3D editing features. However, DaVinci Resolve is actually considered in vain if it is only used for simple, simple editing. So make sure you really need this software.

Export options: AVI, MP4, QuickTime, APNG, and MOV

Advantages: provide lots of color correction

Disadvantages: requires a high system, at least 4G RAM for graphics. Besides that, there will also be problems to import several file types. The format recommended for Da Vinci is ProRes, so it must be converted first before starting editing.

  1. HitFilm Express ( support Windows and Mac )

HitFilm was actually targeted as a video editor for indie filmmakers but eventually, it was popular among YouTubers. Because this program is suitable for creating as wide as possible. HitFilm focuses on visual effects with collections ranging from shakes, rain, blood, blasts, and fire. But what’s unique about HitFilm is that it makes 2D and 3D quality equal to Adobe After Effects. This FileHippo Software HitFilm Express also has standard titling tools, features of Chroma key, color grading, and also audio editing. The results are compatible with MOV, Quicktime, MP4, MPEG-1, HDV, MXF, DV and also WMV format.

Export options: AVI, MP4, QuickTime and direct upload to YouTube

Advantages: HitFilm Express has basic features for video editing and does not require a high system.

Disadvantages: Some important features are only available by paid or subscribing, so the free version is not very reliable.