Today we wanted to take a break from publishing reviews and give you some useful information if you are attempting to lose weight.

Here are our Top 10 Weight Loss Tips, we are providing these so you can achieve awesome results in your weight loss efforts.

So with out further delay, here they are:

lose weight and keep it off


Top 10 Weight Loss Tips

  1. Set Clear and Realistic Weight Loss Goals – Be specific with the amount of weight that you would like to lose, goals such as “I want to lose a lot of weight” never work because you have no way to track you progress and you will never know when you have achieved your goal. Start with a smaller short term goal, like 10% of your total weight loss goal and build momentum when you achieve it then set a medium size goal, the key is to break your big goal down into bite size chunks that you can realistically achieve.
  2. Establish your support team – let everyone in your life know that you are on a mission to lose weight and ask them for their support. This will let everyone know that you need their support and hopefully they will not tempt you to cheat on your diet. I have found that it is always easier to stay motivated to achieve great results in the gym when you have someone who will go with you and who has the same goals to lose weight.
  3. Portion Control is the secret – eating like a rabbit is not something that you can maintain for a long period of time and really you do not have to in order to lose weight, the key is to monitor your portions and make sure you are making sensible choices, ie baked over fried, medium size instead of super sized.
  4. Keep fresh fruits and vegetables cut, cleaned and ready to eat – when you have the urge to snack, it is easy to opt for prepared snacks like chips, cookies and candy bars because making something healthy takes too long, if you have fresh fruits and vegetables ready to eat on hand all the time you will have a health option.
  5. Keep protein powder on hand all the time – when you get hungry between meals and you want something to hold you over a protein shake can give you that full filling until your next meal.
  6. Brush your teeth as soon as you finish dinner – this will make you less likely to eat again before bedtime.
  7. Post pictures of yourself on the refrigerator and pantry then place a picture of someone with the body you want right next to it.
  8. Avoid drinking your calories – opt for water whenever possible over drinks high in calories
  9. Just 20-30 minutes a day of physical activity is enough to get you moving closer to your goals, take it serious and be consistent.
  10. Dont cheat, I mean it dont cheat, but if you do don’t beat your self up over it, dust your self off and get back on track.

We hope our top 10 weight loss tips help you achieve your weight loss goals.


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