Top 5 Best Apps to Chat with Strangers

Are you bored with your circle of friends and want to find new friends? You can find friends easily with just a chat application that you can access through your smartphone. Therefore, you can start to find out about the best apps to chat with strangers to find your true friend.

You do not need to worry about the security of your personal information because this application has guaranteed security features. In fact, some applications only allow strangers to chat with you after you approve it. So, let’s jump into the 5 best apps to chat with strangers, which you can download easily:

1. MeetMe


This is one of the best apps to chat with strangers because this application has been downloaded by more than one hundred million people worldwide. Through this application, you cannot only chat with strangers but you can also connect with other people who are in your area. Then, through this application, you can also arrange to have a physical meeting with them.

Moreover, this application has a variety of interesting features; such as you can find out how many people are reviewing your profile. In addition, you can also know the list of your secret admirers. To keep you feeling safe using this application, you can filter gender, location, sexual orientation, and location.

2. Qeep


This application allows you to filter people based on your interests. So, it will be easier to chat with strangers who have the same interests if you activate the filter feature. This application also allows you to share photos and videos with your stranger’s friends.

However, you cannot show topless or nude photos on your profile photo because the site prohibits it. So, this application is an amazing application so you can easily find people to chat with.



If you want an application that allows you to get friends to chat in seconds, you can use this application. There is a chat feature that is useful for those of you who want to start chatting with strangers. Or, you can also use random video chat through this application.

No need to worry if you use this application because everyone will be 100% real. This is because this application will check all new registrants before allowing them to log in to access HOLLA.

4. Badoo


Almost the same as other chat applications, this application will match you with strangers based on your interests. However, you don’t need to worry because this application only allows strangers to chat with you after you approve it. So, this application will make it easier for you to find a true friend.

You can also more easily find potential friends who are close to your area by swiping right or left. That’s why this is one of the best apps to chat with strangers because it has smart and unlimited features.

5. Chatous


This application makes it easy for you to find strangers who want to chat with you with the same interests. You can create and also choose hashtags to reflect the interests you have. In fact, through the hashtags, you can also chat with strangers according to topics that interest you.

One other great feature is that you can synchronize your chats with the application and its web portal. You can also get all activities and run all of its features on the web platform. There are privacy settings that make it easy for you to change your name, profile photo, and other things that are useful for securing your personal information.

Those are 5 best apps to chat with strangers that you can try to download. All of these applications have unique and interesting features that you can enjoy easily. In addition, all these applications can also help you more easily to get someone to accompany you to chat throughout the day.