How to Fix Audio Issues on Windows 10

How to Fix Audio Issues on Windows 10

Don’t panic when your laptop has no sound. Audio issue is not uncommon on Windows 10, yet there are several ways that you can do to fix the problem. Even if you are not a computer geek, fixing sound problem on Windows 10 is quite simple.

Audio issues can be tricky but nobody says that you cannot solve the problem. With the following methods, you can enjoy video streaming or games with undisturbed audio. Keep scrolling!

Easy Ways to Solve Audio Problems on Windows 10

These methods begin with the easiest and move to the most technical. As long as you follow the instructions, you won’t find difficulties in getting through the problem. Here are several ways to bring back your audio.

1. Check Speaker Status

Check Speaker Status

The most basic method to solve audio issue is by checking your speaker status. Perhaps you intentionally press mute button so that the laptop doesn’t emit sound. It could be very embarrassing, yet it often happens.

Verify that your laptop is not muted by pressing the volume button. You can also turn a slider to raise the volume. If everything is fine and your laptop still has no sound, jump to the second method.

2. Try Using Headphones

The next alternative to fix audio issue on Windows 10 is doing a check with headphones. Try plugging headphones or external speakers and see the result. If you can hear the sound, the problem might come from the hardware or built-in speakers.

If you are a beginner, it is not suggested to repair the speaker on your own. Try to call a technician or professional to help you fix the problem.

3. Run Troubleshooter

Run Troubleshooter Windows 10 Playing Audio

As recommended by, you might need to run troubleshooter to fix audio issues. Windows 10 comes with a built-in troubleshooter that allows you to scan the system and offers fixes for different issues, including audio troubles.

Follow these steps to run troubleshooter on Windows 10:

  • Click the search icon on your taskbar and type Audio in the provided field.
  • In the results, choose Find and Fix Problems with Playing Sound.
  • You should see a troubleshooter window pop up. Click next and wait for the system to detect problems.
  • Follow the next directions on the display.

In some cases, troubleshooting doesn’t work to solve the problem. When this happens, you might need to jump to the next method.

4. Reboot Audio Services

Another solution to fix audio issues on Windows 10 is by rebooting audio services. This might sound technical but you can do it without the help of a professional. Simply follow step-by-step instructions below:

Reboot Audio Services

  • Click the search icon and type Services in the search field.
  • Once you see the result, choose Services.
  • Now you have opened the Services window. Next, you need to restart 3 services: Windows Audio, Remote Procedure Call, and Windows Audio Endpoint Builder.
  • Click to select and open each service. Select Restart option.
  • If you see the Restart option is grey, you might need to select Refresh option first.

After restarting the services, your computer audio should be fixed. But when it doesn’t work, you still have the last alternative.

5. Update the Driver

Updating audio driver can be your last option to fix audio issues. You can update driver in two different ways: using pre-installed applications and performing manual update through the Device Manager.

Update the Driver

In case your computer doesn’t come with pre-installed app, do the following steps:

  • Type Device Manager in the search field and click the result.
  • Click Sound, video and game controllers.
  • Right click on the primary audio device and choose update driver software.

Those are 5 different ways to fix audio issues on your Windows 10. Begin with the simplest to the most technical methods and figure out which solution works on your device.

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5 Best Apps for Saving Money for Android

Saving money is an activity that must be done for all people who have money. The saving money used as an emergency fund, sinking fund, and investment. So, there are 5 best apps for saving money that can help you to reduce unimportant expenses, they are:

1. You Need A Budget

You Need A Budget

The first application to help you in saving money is You Need A Budget. As the name of this app, it helps you to manage your budget and expenses. So, it will bring more lessons to the user about the value of money.

You Need A Budget app contains information about handling unimportant expenses, unexpected costs, and saving more money. Thus, this application assists the users to be wiser to use their money. Then, it gives a new treatment for the users to live at average cost rather than using a credit card to fulfill their daily needs.

This You Need A Budget application is available for mobile phones and software for the computer. Then, it can be used in your daily life with your gadget.

2. Mint


The second application is called Mint. Mint is an application that helps to manage the loan bills. So, the users who have bills will get a reminder to avoid late payment and penalties.

Besides managing the loan budget, this application helps the user to maximize the left budget for daily life and investment. So, the application will recommend what is needed right now. Is it a sinking fund, emergency fund, retirement, or other platforms for investment?

Then, Mint application gives the user a credit score to inform about the financial habits in saving and lending activity. After that, based on the credit score, you will get offers from some financial institutions with a competitive interest rate.

3. Qapital


The third best apps for saving money is Qapital. Qapital is an application that helps the users to set the goal of saving money. So, this app will remind you about what you sacrifice to achieve your goal. For example, you spend your money to buy a new car, then this app will give you an option on how to collect your money until you can buy a new car.

Also, Qapital app assists you to set the plan about investment and funding.  Then, it is connected to your FDIC insured bank account so the users can persist with spending and saving money habits.

4. Acorns


The next app is Acorns. Acorns is an application that helps the users to save money in the form of investing in the Acorns investing platform. Acorns investment is exchange-traded funds using stocks and bonds. So, your deposit bank account will link to this application. Then, the Acorns will track your expenses using the card linked. After that, some number of your money will be invested in the Acorns platform.

As a result of an investment. The users will earn the return from Acorns investment in their Acorns account balance. It will give special offers for some company partners such as Airbnb and Blue Apron.

5. Digit


The last is Digit. Digit is a simple saving money app that helps you to save your money based on your current income and expenses. It will count the proportional number of investments that you can do.

This app will connect to your FDIC insured bank account. So, it can track your financial habit. So, it will get the most logical and realistic number of saving money that you can do.

Finally, these 5 best apps for saving money are really good for entrepreneurs and individuals. So, let’s try to use these apps and download them on drivers and software!

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Powershell Vs CMD, The Things You Should Know

Powershell Vs CMD

In this digital era, you might feel that some developments seem faster than the previous period. It is due to the improvement of human’s capability in interacting and managing the computer system. For example, when someone takes a step backward via command-line interfaces (CLI). They adjust the task to get the new result as they want. One of the methods is by using Powershell, task automation and scripting language from Microsoft. While people are talking about it, usually CMD is involved inside the discussion. For further understanding, thus this article will show you about Powershell vs CMD.

Someone named Ed Wilson defined Powershell in a simple concept. He said that Powershell is an interactive object-oriented command environment by using scripting language features called cmdlets. On the other hand, CMD (Command Prompt) is an application to interpret a command line in the Windows Operating System. Based on both concepts, you probably already got the main point. To make it clearer, let’s see more about Powershell vs CMD below:

Powershell Vs CMD

1. Powershell is More Advanced


Powershell is bigger than you think. So, if you try to compare Powershell with CMD is something like facing the apple to the lychee. We are talking about the scripting environment and an application here. If you are creating complex scripts to manage the system, using Powershell is easier than CMD. Even though CMD is also able to solve several Windows issues and do some tasks, such as perform an advanced function, doing troubleshooting, and command automate tasks through scripts and batch files.

2. Different Commands

Another thing that differs Powershell with CMD is the command usage. As we mentioned above, Powershell is using cmdlets that cannot be accessed by the CMD. Powershell cmdlets are working very well in many administrative tasks, such as managing the registry to Windows Management Instrumentation (WMI). While, on the other hand, you must enter the right syntax. Once it is misspelling can cause a failure or worse result. Thus, you should be more aware of the language here.

3. Operating System

People know that Powershell is strongly integrated with Microsoft. Most of its products, like Office 365 or Server 2016, can only deal with Powershell. However, CMD is also available in several Windows Operating Systems, such as Windows 10, Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows XP, and Windows 2000.

4. Scoop of Environment

As we told you before, both Powershell and CMD are about the environment. Powershell uses pipes as Linux does. You are able to pass one cmdlet to another cmdlet input. Thus, you can do multiple cmdlets to work the same data. But, the CMD is an environment from Windows. It copies all DOS commands which you can find on a DOS system. That is why CMD is not wide and cannot deal with complicated scripts.

5. Time to Use

If you are comfortable using CMD, then just go with it. But as you know that CMD doesn’t fit for complicated work. While using Powershell allows you to deal with any work, because what you do with CMD can be done by Powershell too. Most of the system administrators are using Powershell so their work becomes more efficient.

Those are a glance about Powershell vs CMD you should know. Whether you choose Powershell or CMD, both of them are useful. It just depends on your working scoop and the result you want.

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Lemongrass For Pregnancy, Is It Safe?

Lemongrass For Pregnancy

If you love to grow herbs, you’ll know that lemongrass has tons of benefits. From the culinary, medicinal, beauty, even until fragrance benefits. Because of technology development, now you can cultivate also harvest them in your garden. But, instead of talking about how to plant or how to harvest lemongrass, we’ll talk about its effects. One of them is gonna be the effect of lemongrass for pregnancy.

Besides all of the benefits, lemongrass is– in fact–not good for pregnancy. There is a lot of advice to avoid lemongrass products during pregnancy because it can have negative impacts on the mother and the fetus. An expectant mother is better to avoid lemongrass because of its substances that can lead to miscarriage.

What You Need To Know Before Consuming Lemongrass When Pregnant

One thing for concern is how safe the lemongrass for pregnancy. It indeed contains a lot of nutrients like vitamins A and C, calcium, zinc, folic acid, and many more. Those nutrients can help most people to fulfill their daily dietary needs. Thus, this is what makes lemongrass very beneficial for normal people’s health. 

However, a pregnant woman, lemongrass is a threat. In this case, don’t consume it too often or too much because it damages the fetus and can lead to miscarriage. Consuming high doses of lemongrass during pregnancy can cause interruptions in the skeletal development of the fetus. So, for safety, it’s best to consult and talk to the doctor before consuming any lemongrass during pregnancy. 

Why Is It Better to Avoid Lemongrass For Pregnancy

Anything that the mother consumes during pregnancy can affect them and their unborn baby. So, they need extra care and caution about their diet and its doses. In this case, consuming lemongrass products seems like a risk for their pregnancy, and they better avoid it. Furthermore, here are some health risks associated with lemongrass for pregnancy:

Birth Defects

Lemongrass contains citral and myrcene, these two compounds induce maternal toxicity. This research is based on Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center in 2015 with some rats. Also, anti-mitotic and apoptotic on lemongrass are likely to interfere with undergoing rapid cell growth of the fetus.


As we know, lemongrass can help with the menstrual cycle because of the substances. Furthermore, it also allows for stimulating the uterus. In this case, there is might be a concern that lemongrass can cause a miscarriage. Moreover, consuming high doses of lemongrass can also trigger premature birth.


During pregnancy, the mother’s body usually becomes more sensitive than any other days. That’s because the hormone changes quicker than usual. Thus, consuming lemongrass might trigger some allergies, like skin itching, rashes, swelling, even breathing difficulties.

Besides all the health benefits that we can get from lemongrass, it lemongrass for pregnancy is harming. In this case, it’s better not to consume any lemongrass products during pregnancy. Thus, it’s very important to talk to the doctor if you want to add ingredients to your diet when you’re pregnant. Since the hormone level during pregnancy might be unstable, it’s very important to put extra care on the diet.

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HP Laserjet Pro MFP M426fdw Multifunction Wireless Laser Printer Review

HP Laserjet Pro MFP M426fdw

Coming from a trusted and big brand, HP LaserJet Pro MFP M426fdw is a worth printer to be considered. If you are in doing a small to medium business. Also, not a heavy-duty document work, this printer could be your best office device.

This article will explain to you generally about the printer. There are some details as a reference before you buy it. But generally, what will you discover about this printer is an all-in-one printer with some basic capabilities. See the description below:

What to Know About HP Laserjet Pro MFP M426fdw

  • Dimension

Looking at the device, you will see a beautiful white device. It is good to be put on the corner of your room. The dimension is 19.3 x 15.4 x 16.5 inches (height x depth x width). Talking about the weight, it has 28.35 lbs.

To make your work easier, HP Laserjet Pro MFP M426fdw has a 3 inch (circa 7.6 cm) display screen. You can customize your work and printer setting over there. Also, this printer is an electricity saver. Its power consumption:  2.7 watts (sleep mode), 9.1 watts (standby mode), and 583 watts (operational).

  • Features

As we mentioned before, HP LaserJet Pro MFP M426fdw is the all-in-one printer. You can do printing, scanning, copying, and sending a fax through one device. Printing mode is automatically activated once it is turned on. Compared to the other brand, this printer is more responsive than the other.

There is a duplex feature to make your two-sided document work effortlessly. It is also applied for scanning. You can do scanning and sending it directly to e-mail or convert to PDF. With the USB port, you are able to save a document to another storage device.

HP Laserjet Pro MFP M426fdw Specs

  • Connectivity

Besides a multifunction printer, this device is also a wireless one. It means you can print your document without cable networking. Choose any file from your phone, PC, or other gadgets, and connect the printer to the Wi-Fi. Right after that, you can have the document printed out. It is absolutely easing your work accomplishment, isn’t it?

  • Output Quality

There is no hesitation of its speed. You can see its print and another task is done very fast. In printing, scanning, and copying document, this printer has a speed up to 38 pages per minute. Like the detail, the printing maximum speed is up to 40 PPM with the resolution is up to 4800 x 600 DPI.

The speed is a same in copying, but for the resolution is up to 600 x 600 DPI. While for scanning, you will get the result in 1200 x 1200 DPI resolution. Last, for fax feature, the transmission speed is up to 33.6 kbps.

  • Tray Capacity

Document and media handling is one of the important things to see. There are 2 trays input: tray 1 is up to 100-sheets and tray 2 is up to 250-sheets. So, in total, you will get a 350-sheet tray capacity. For the output tray capacity, it is set for up to 150-sheet and up to 10 envelopes. Seems enough for the small or home project work thou.

Those are detailed at glance about HP LaserJet Pro MFP M426fdw. Besides the points mentioned above, you can also consider its price. It is affordable enough for you. The price meets all capabilities you got.

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3 Ways on How to Find Wi-Fi Password on Android

Frequently, possessing an Android device makes you confused about how to find Wi-Fi Password on Android particularly when you are probably connected to dozens of Wi-Fi networks. Some public places like school, office, gym, coffee shops, and family’s home, as well as your home, may provide Wi-Fi password and require you to type the password every time you want to get connected. Thus, your Android will keep all of those passwords and this may lead you to a problem that is you can’t find the password.

It’s quite true. The more you move to different places with the different Wi-Fi password causes you unable to show the password on your Android. The only common way to find the password is to access the admin. Now we offer you the idea of how to find Wi-Fi Password on Android without accessing the admin.

How to Find Wi-Fi Password on Android

  • Password Recovery App

Password recovery app is considered the easiest way of seeing the saved Wi-Fi password directly without nothing to do anymore. There are dozens of recovery apps available and you can get them free at Google Play Store. Most of those apps prove good and work out.

After downloading the app, the app will list all the Wi-Fi networks. Thus, you can connect your Android to the security protocols. In this case, connect your device to your desired Wi-Fi network. You can also be able to copy the password and share it with other people. Hence, this is the most ideal solution dealing with the way on how to find Wi-Fi Password on Android.

  • ES File Explorer (Without Root)

The second way you can try is using ES file explore without root requirements. This way provides you access system files. To work it out, firstly you must open ES file explorer App followed by dragging the left navigation bar and tap on Local storage. Next step is to click on Device in the drop-down list. After that, head to System -> etc – > Wi-Fi and open up the file wpa_suplicant.conf.

The following step is to open the selected configuration file by selecting the built-in HTML. If you open this file, all of the passwords will be displayed along with the connected Wi-Fi networks on your Android.

  • File Explorer App (Using Root)

The third way on how to find Wi-Fi Password on Android is to use File Explorer App using root. If the root access is available, you will have a little bit different step to follow. Noticeably, using root is considered the easy and simple way of viewing the password on Android. The step is as follows:

– Open-File Explorer App on Android
– Navigate to the root folder
– Go to Data > misc > Wi-Fi location
– Open the same file
– Go to Network section using SSID of the Wi-Fi network
– Find the Wi-Fi network under the PSK section


Conclusively, the way how to find Wi-Fi Password on Android is pretty easy and simple. You can choose one way which you like most. Happy trying!

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[Solution] How To Register WhatsApp Without Phone Number

When it’s time to use today’s chat and messaging apps, you will probably wonder how to register WhatsApp without a phone number. Since most of the chat and messaging accounts of social networking like WhatsApp requiring a phone number in the registration process, it seems impossible to create such account without a phone number. Well, you think wrong!

Reading out the entire part of this article will enable you to derive accurate information that you and everybody else in the world can definitely register WhatsApp account without a phone number. Do you curious how come it would be? Thus, provide your 10 minutes only to read this article about the 3 best ideas dealing with how to register WhatsApp without a phone number.

Best Ideas on How To Register WhatsApp Without Phone Number

  • Registering WhatsApp Without Phone Number

The first idea to register WhatsApp account without phone number seems very simple. You need only three steps to follow as in the following:

1. Download WhatsApp on the tablet phone of your personal computer if you find no Whatsapp application found.
2. When you have installed the app on your tablet or phone, check out if you have completed the verification.
3. If you have completed the verification, delete your recent number out of the WhatsApp by uninstalling the app and reinstalling it back on your device.

  • Use TextNow to Verify WhatsApp

The second idea to register WhatsApp without phone number is to use TextNow in the verification process. In this case, you need to download the TextNow messaging app which provides you a unique phone number. Later, you will use this number to verify your WhatsApp account.

TextNow can be downloaded from the Google Play Store, iTunes App Store or Windows Phone store. After downloading, open the app and complete the setup process to get the unique number. Next, head yourself to open WhatsApp and verify your account using the unique number given by TextNow. By then, you will receive an automated call from WhatsApp since the SMS verification fails. Answer the call and note the verification code sent to you through the automated message from WhatsApp. Finally, you can use the verification code to verify your WhatsApp account.

  • Use the Existing Landline/Home Phone Number to Verify WhatsApp

The next idea on how to register WhatsApp without phone number is to use the existing landline to verify WhatsApp. This time, you will use your home phone number instead of a mobile phone number. This way, you can start to open WhatsApp on your phone, tablet or PC and enter your home phone number. The SMS verification will fail and you will be directed to opt “Call me”. Click on it and wait for the automated call that is calling your home phone number. There will be an automated voice repeating 6 digits verification code. Note the code and use it to verify your WhatsApp account. As simple as that.


Overall, it is always possible to register a social networking account without a mobile phone number. If you want to prove it right, you may try the 3 best ideas on how to register WhatsApp without phone number described in this article.

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6 Best Adobe Photoshop Version for PC You Can Choose

Are you wondering what the best Adobe Photoshop Version for PC is listed on the top rank? As the popular and widely used photo editing software, Adobe Photoshop comes in many different versions to select by the users. In this case, Adobe Photoshop users can choose which version which really meet their needs.

Concerning the right versions the users may want to download and install, it is basically based on the users’ capability in running on the software and their personal choice. Which version of Adobe Photoshop is good for a beginner, intermediate, advanced and other specific users?

To provide you general information, here we are going to show you the list of Adobe Photoshop versions along with the reasons why you should choose one certain version of the software.

Best Adobe Photoshop Version for PC

  • Adobe Photoshop CC

The first best Adobe Photoshop Version for PC is the CC version. This version is considered as a good version of Adobe Photoshop due to the basic and detail editing tools which are all easy-to-use. If you are new to Adobe Photoshop CC, you can purchase the tutorials and download them for free in many different sources of internet.

  • Adobe Photoshop PS

The second version offered by Adobe Photoshop is the PS series. If you want to have a better use and updating version, PS is the right option to select. This version provides you more new tools and options you can learn easily.

  • Adobe Photoshop CS6 Extended

Have you ever tried to use CS6 Extended version? As one of the best Adobe Photoshop Version for PC, CS6 Extended version allows you to keep working well with photo editing. It has more to offer including the feature of InDesign, Illustrator, After Effects, Acrobat, InCopy, Dreamware, Premiere, Fireworks and etc. You can directly download all of them at free from Adobe Photoshop which means that this version is provide you with the sufficient features you can optimize.

  • Adobe Photoshop CS

Adobe Photoshop CS is also in the list of the best Adobe Photoshop Version for PC. Different form CC version, CS series comes as standalone software and provides no link to Adobe Creative Cloud. According to CS users, the CS version is much faster and requires no RAM. In addition, this version enables you to a great way of editing photos.

  • Adobe Photoshop CC 2018

The next version of Adobe Photoshop you have to consider is Adobe Photoshop CC 2018. It offers you big benefits as follows:

– Providing access to Lightroom photos you can find in Photoshop.
– Supporting the Variable font customization such as weight, width, optical size, slant and etc.
– Providing rich tools tricks
– Providing learning panel and quick shareability
– Supporting the Microsoft surface

  • Adobe Photoshop CS3

Lastly, the more recommended version to download is Adobe Photoshop CS3 where you can feel comfortable in designing and editing the photos with the easy environment of the software.


Overall, out of the 6 best Adobe Photoshop Version for PC recommended to download, you must find one that really meets your needs dealing with photo designing and editing.

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[Answer] Is Rainmeter Safe to Use


Almost everyone today uses a computer. Usually, people use computers to perform various tasks like typing, browsing, and others. Users also want to look attractive and varied computer desktops. Therefore, many applications in computers can provide such facilities, such as rainmeter application. What is a rainmeter application, and is rainmeter safe to use? Here’s the explanation.

Is Rainmeter Safe to Use

What Is The Rainmeter Application

Before knowing is rainmeter safe to use, it’s excellent to know more about this application. Rainmeter is an application that serves to monitor the system in Windows on the desktop. For example, like in the Task manager, memory usage, CPU load, disk space, and cross-network. This application is also equipped with a variety of cool skins and the memory capacity used is only a little. Therefore, this application is quite light to use. Other uses of the rainmeter include;

  • Providing Information About PCs Quickly

The Rainmeter application can provide the information needed at a glance. This application allows users to get info like time, memory and battery life, online data streams, even weather forecasts. This information display will also follow the skin from the rainmeter which performs the desktop look increasingly attractive.

  • Making The Desktop Look More Attractive

The rainmeter application can make the desktop display more varied. Users can download various skins to transform the appearance of the desktop. Most skins carry out interesting functions like recording notes and to-do lists, running favorite applications, even sending tweets to Twitter. This application works without not interfering with other applications. Users can also adjust and adjust the skin as desired.

  • Make it Easy for Users to Know the Condition Of PC

The desktop display after using the rain meter will display all information including PC conditions. Users can more clearly find out the capacity of the remaining hard drive. In addition, users can equally find out the CPU and RAM usage only from the desktop screen. Therefore, this application makes it easy for users to immediately anticipate problems related to that information. For example, if the memory from the hard drive is full, the user can find out from the desktop screen and anticipate it.

Installing Rainmeter

Installing Rainmeter

This rainmeter application is relatively easy to get. Users can download the Rainmeter application on the official site: Adjust the version of the meter with the OS of the laptop or PC used. For Windows 7, you can download versions 3.1 to 3.3. for Windows 8 or 10 users, you can use the latest version up to 4.2. If you want to download the skin, many sites provide free and good skins. Usually, artist Rainmeter uploads his work at DevianArt. Just select the skin that satisfies your taste.

Is Rainmeter Safe to Install?

The rainmeter application is fairly safe to use on a computer. Rainmeter is proven to be free of harmful viruses from the test results with 50 antivirus software. Rainmeter also uses only a small amount of memory capacity (only 1.66 KB for version 3.3). This rainmeter application also only uses around 2-4% of the CPU. Therefore, this quite light application does not make the laptop heavy. If the user downloads too many skins, it could be the performance of the application will be heavy. To anticipate this, users can choose the “unload skin” option before using a new skin.

That is the discussion of what is rainmeter and is rainmeter safe to install. Because this application is quite safe to use, users don’t need worrying about using this application. Good luck

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Differences Between Smadav Free vs Smadav Pro

Smadav 2019

What are the differences between Smadav Free vs  Smadav Pro? You should understand both of the programs (the good and the bad) so you can make a better decision. This is an antivirus designed as a backup program that should be able to enforce better and stronger protection against threats and attacks. However, most people are torn between choosing Smadav Free or the Pro? Which one should you choose, anyway?

Smadav in a General

Smadav 2020 Free is basically a free service offered by the antivirus program, claimed to provide the extra protection for the computer. However, it is not the computer’s system that is fully protected, but mostly for the external devices. If you want to scan or check the flash drive, the software can provide a significant useful effect for the extra protection.

Smadav free may have its own benefits in providing fast scanning and quite a powerful checking system, but you need to remember that its features are pretty limited. Because the program is designed as the additional protection and security program, you can’t really expect a lot from it.

So, what are the differences between Smadav Free vs  Smadav Pro? Well, first of all, the free version has a limitation when compared to the paid service. In Smadav Pro, you can expect wider and more sophisticated features – more complete than the free version. What about the entire functions? Can you use the Pro version as the main protection system in the computer? Still no. Even if you have chosen Smadav Pro, you can only use it for the backup assistance – not for the main protection system. Both the free and paid service can’t be used for the main security system.

Smadav Pro 2019 vs Smadav Free

The general benefits of the software are:

  • You can expect better offline use so you won’t have to update it too often
  • You can expect an automatic update that is running more regularly. In the free service, the update may happen once every 4 months or 6 months. In the paid service, however, the update can happen once a month.
  • You can have the additional protection system that is compatible with another antivirus program
  • The program is best when used to scan and check flash drive, including fast and efficient checking
  • The software has its own tools and cleaners to remove the virus or any suspicious folders or files
  • You can resize the display
  • You can change the setting or the theme
  • The scanning performance runs faster with better details

Making an Educated Decision

Now that you have understood the differences between Smadav Free vs  Smadav Pro, you should be able to make a better (and also an educated) decision. Feel free to compare this software with other programs available out there. Basically, you only need to remember that everything depends on your needs, preference, and requirements. What do you expect from an antivirus program? What features are you looking for? Are you happy with the current program? Do you expect more? It all starts from one point, including comparing the differences of Smadav Free vs  Smadav Pro to gain a better understanding.

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