Differences Between Smadav Free vs Smadav Pro

Smadav 2019

What are the differences between Smadav Free vs  Smadav Pro? You should understand both of the programs (the good and the bad) so you can make a better decision. This is an antivirus designed as a backup program that should be able to enforce better and stronger protection against threats and attacks. However, most people are torn between choosing Smadav Free or the Pro? Which one should you choose, anyway?

Smadav in a General

Smadav 2020 Free is basically a free service offered by the antivirus program, claimed to provide the extra protection for the computer. However, it is not the computer’s system that is fully protected, but mostly for the external devices. If you want to scan or check the flash drive, the software can provide a significant useful effect for the extra protection.

Smadav free may have its own benefits in providing fast scanning and quite a powerful checking system, but you need to remember that its features are pretty limited. Because the program is designed as the additional protection and security program, you can’t really expect a lot from it.

So, what are the differences between Smadav Free vs  Smadav Pro? Well, first of all, the free version has a limitation when compared to the paid service. In Smadav Pro, you can expect wider and more sophisticated features – more complete than the free version. What about the entire functions? Can you use the Pro version as the main protection system in the computer? Still no. Even if you have chosen Smadav Pro, you can only use it for the backup assistance – not for the main protection system. Both the free and paid service can’t be used for the main security system.

Smadav Pro 2019 vs Smadav Free

The general benefits of the software are:

  • You can expect better offline use so you won’t have to update it too often
  • You can expect an automatic update that is running more regularly. In the free service, the update may happen once every 4 months or 6 months. In the paid service, however, the update can happen once a month.
  • You can have the additional protection system that is compatible with another antivirus program
  • The program is best when used to scan and check flash drive, including fast and efficient checking
  • The software has its own tools and cleaners to remove the virus or any suspicious folders or files
  • You can resize the display
  • You can change the setting or the theme
  • The scanning performance runs faster with better details

Making an Educated Decision

Now that you have understood the differences between Smadav Free vs  Smadav Pro, you should be able to make a better (and also an educated) decision. Feel free to compare this software with other programs available out there. Basically, you only need to remember that everything depends on your needs, preference, and requirements. What do you expect from an antivirus program? What features are you looking for? Are you happy with the current program? Do you expect more? It all starts from one point, including comparing the differences of Smadav Free vs  Smadav Pro to gain a better understanding.