3 Ways on How to Find Wi-Fi Password on Android

Frequently, possessing an Android device makes you confused about how to find Wi-Fi Password on Android particularly when you are probably connected to dozens of Wi-Fi networks. Some public places like school, office, gym, coffee shops, and family’s home, as well as your home, may provide Wi-Fi password and require you to type the password every time you want to get connected. Thus, your Android will keep all of those passwords and this may lead you to a problem that is you can’t find the password.

It’s quite true. The more you move to different places with the different Wi-Fi password causes you unable to show the password on your Android. The only common way to find the password is to access the admin. Now we offer you the idea of how to find Wi-Fi Password on Android without accessing the admin.

How to Find Wi-Fi Password on Android

  • Password Recovery App

Password recovery app is considered the easiest way of seeing the saved Wi-Fi password directly without nothing to do anymore. There are dozens of recovery apps available and you can get them free at Google Play Store. Most of those apps prove good and work out.

After downloading the app, the app will list all the Wi-Fi networks. Thus, you can connect your Android to the security protocols. In this case, connect your device to your desired Wi-Fi network. You can also be able to copy the password and share it with other people. Hence, this is the most ideal solution dealing with the way on how to find Wi-Fi Password on Android.

  • ES File Explorer (Without Root)

The second way you can try is using ES file explore without root requirements. This way provides you access system files. To work it out, firstly you must open ES file explorer App followed by dragging the left navigation bar and tap on Local storage. Next step is to click on Device in the drop-down list. After that, head to System -> etc – > Wi-Fi and open up the file wpa_suplicant.conf.

The following step is to open the selected configuration file by selecting the built-in HTML. If you open this file, all of the passwords will be displayed along with the connected Wi-Fi networks on your Android.

  • File Explorer App (Using Root)

The third way on how to find Wi-Fi Password on Android is to use File Explorer App using root. If the root access is available, you will have a little bit different step to follow. Noticeably, using root is considered the easy and simple way of viewing the password on Android. The step is as follows:

– Open-File Explorer App on Android
– Navigate to the root folder
– Go to Data > misc > Wi-Fi location
– Open the same file
– Go to Network section using SSID of the Wi-Fi network
– Find the Wi-Fi network under the PSK section


Conclusively, the way how to find Wi-Fi Password on Android is pretty easy and simple. You can choose one way which you like most. Happy trying!