How To Open WhatsApp on PC with Bluestacks

WhatsApp on PC with Bluestacks

With Bluestacks, people would be able to use more than 20.000 Android apps whether on PC and laptop. Starting from playing the Android games, editing pictures or videos, opening files, and even texts and calls. One of the applications that people could use is WhatsApp. Even though people would download the PC version or use it directly on the WhatsApp web, it would still be different. The steps on how to open WhatsApp in Bluestacks is also not difficult at all.

Using WhatsApp on the specific app for PC or on the web is definitely different. There are some features that people would not be able to use like on the smartphone. That is why it is better to use open the app on Bluestack when using the computer or laptop. Do not get confused about opening and using the app. Here are the steps on how to open WhatsApp in Bluestacks.

How To Open WhatsApp on PC with Bluestacks

1. Download Bluestacks on the Device

Download Bluestacks

The first step is to download the Bluestacks app on the laptop or computer. Moreover, make sure the computer’s device is capable enough to download the app. People could get the app by downloading it directly from the official website. After downloading it, make sure also to follow the right steps on installing the app. On the installation process, the app would ask for some accesses. Do not forget to check on the access to continue the installation process.

2. Open Bluestacks and Log in on the Google Account

After the Bluestacks app is already installed on the computer or laptop, open the app. When people can’t find the app on the desktop, they should then search it on the manual file. Or simply find it by typing it in the searching box. After opening the file, people would then need to login to their Google account. It is important because people would need to open the Google App Store through Bluestacks.

3. Search the WhatsApp app

After logging into the google account through Bluestacks, people then should download WhatsApp. There is a magnifying glass on the top left of the app, that is where to find the app. Type “WhatsApp” and then install the app. Remember to give the access during the installation otherwise, it would continue to the end.

4. Verify the Phone Number

The next step on how to open WhatsApp in Bluestacks is to fill and enter the verify phone number. Remember, never share the code with anyone including the staff from the app itself. If entering the code could not enter the access, do not worry. Another way is to call the phone. People just need to click the “Call Your Phone” on the app.

5. Enjoy the App!

The last thing on how to open WhatsApp in Bluestacks is to use the app just like on the smartphone. With opening and using the app through Bluestacks, people could access the app without limit. People could get through the app on keyboard, mouse, and monitor.

The steps on how to open WhatsApp in Bluestacks is easy and fast. Besides WhatsApp, people could also download other social media and chatting apps as well. Moreover, the apps would look just like the ones on the smartphone. Therefore, you can conclude that the frequently asked question is Bluestacks safe has a yes for the answer.