Impeccable Instagram Captions For Travel Influencers

Instagram Captions For Travel Influencers

Becoming travel influencer is perfect for you who love to explore new places you never step on before. And add more spice into your traveling post, you should write meaningful Instagram captions as the companion. The reason is that although words couldn’t always describe the beauty of places you come to, it’s always better to put something in your caption section even if just a single emoji.

Instagram Captions For Travel Influencers

For that, here below some pointers to create the impeccable captions for your traveling post:

  • Telling Story

The first type of captions often used and would never get old is telling stories. You can tell the story about your life, that particular journey, or the behind the scene in producing what you posted. That way, people who read your caption could get emotionally attached to you. Although not everyone is going to leave a response through a comment or like, if they like what they read then they will keep coming back to your account.

  • Folk Lore

The uniqueness in traveling is that you can learn about the local lore from the local. To make more impact, you can tell the lore in your caption section. Open a discussion through your comment section by asking people about what you told them. There are many people who love to learn about folklore from different places but have no mean to do. And since you have that luxury, don’t hesitate to share them.

  • Local Tradition

Local Tradition

Aside from learning about the lore, you will also get to know about the local tradition in your journey. With that, you can pass the information in your caption section. Don’t forget to put your mind in the matter. With this could differ your traveling account with the others, that you’re not only put panoramic pictures but also telling the local tradition. This way, others could get secondhand experience from your travel.

  • Detail Location

Do not ever forget to put the location about the post. That way, people who lurk your Instagram account to look for places to visit would know where they were. You can also mention the places such as hotel, resort, or restaurant if they have an Instagram account. And better yet, if you could get your hand at the exact address of the location you posted. Thus, you could be a reliable travel influencer where people would come for information.

  • Never Belittle the Local Culture

Particularly, a travel influencer is a traveler, that’s a person who travels from place to place. One basic rule when taking a trip is following the regulation where the pair of feet stand. So, never put a caption that would belittle the local culture and tradition. If you come to a temple and the manager of the place gives you some cover, then cover yourself. It’s you who don’t dress appropriately, and you have no right to be nasty and put a negative comment in your caption.

Besides seeking for the best scenery, the beauty of traveling is about learning new things in the new places. And you could convey what you learned in your Instagram captions along with your travel journey. That way, people who read your caption know what to expect if they come to exact places.